Veterans and Bi-Vocational Ministers

I Think It Is Coming Together​

​When I first came across Wealthy Affiliate in early September I was so excited to have found this place I call home. I like many of you could write an entIre post on what Wealthy Affiliate means to me. (Hmmmm I may start a thread but it has probably already been done). After my initial 7 days I signed up immediately for the Premium membership. I saw the power of the platform and all that it has to offer. Carson and Kyle had a vision to do something monumental and what they started, we as a community continue to expand snd contibute to.

Once inside I began to dream my dream. I started a couple lessons for the Online Certification but very soon it became apparent that Wealthy Affiliate was what I wanted to promote. So I purchased my domain and started the website population process. Going through the Affiliate Boot Camp has been a smorgasboard of content and collaborations. My site is up and indexed in Google Number 1 on Page 1 and I am delighted. Thank you one and all!

Target Markets

I just finisnhed reading for the third time Kyle’s article on Target Markets​ which was a great chiseling tool to breakaway my directional indecision. Honesty, I have been struggling mentally to formulate my page/post concepts. Frankly there is just so many directions one can go. I felt like a proveriable swamp. A large expansive body of water where there is hardly any under current of movement. This leads to a stagnant and frankly a smelly enviornment. But after the article it all became clear to me.

Now as I write this blog I feel like a bulldozer has come in and created banks on ether side of my swampy existence. The earth mounded banks give a river many things. They provide energy in that they compress the waters together creating friction resulting in momentum. This momentum is flowing in a direction with strength, power and purpose.


​Of coures it came across my mind like leaves swept up in the Autumn winds. It is a perfect fit, a match made in (or by) Heaven. Rodney you know what to write, when to write, how to write and who will read, who will heed and who will benefit the most. Just retrace your steps and viola!

You see my life has pretty much been consumed by God and Country. After graduating high school in 1979 I joined the USAF and served for 12 years. I exited active duty because I felt called to pursue a Christian ministry. After 4 years of bible college all doors to a public ministry were non-existent. I was confused but none the less turned into the secular business community and began to perfect my very limited sales and marketing skill sets.

It was here that I began to learn about bi-vocational ministers. It was intrigiuing to me because I felt it was more in keepng with the traditional biblical model. But I digrees. In 2011 I joined the USAF Reserves which has resulted in my present day capacity as a civil servant      (the above airplane is my baby, my passion). In a little under 3 years it will be my turn to retire from my military commitment: and thus WA.

I am a great fit to reach into both sub-niches of military veteran entreprenurs as well as bi-vocational ministers. I can successfully staddle that raging river having my right foot on the river bank of Veterans and my left firmly planted upon the soil of Bi-vocational ministers. Kyle thank you for your article and wieldng the hammer and chisel as we all journey together towards our own determined objectives.

Wish me luck!

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