Happy New Year

Well here we go! Getting ready to step over the threshold from one year into the next. We are actually in the process of stepping into history, moving from the past into the future while transitioning through the present. And think about it. Are we ever really in the present? Aren’t we always moving into the future? I mean if time could actually stand still then we would be in the present, correct? I am given to the thought that we are only in the present when we snap a photograph. As we are capturing time in that moment, i.e. the present. Only at this precise moment in time are we successful in the present. Yet ionically that snap shot which was of the present now has turned into history. So when does the present end and the future begin…? My contention is that is never does…the present is not quantifiable and therefore does not exist. ¬†We all have heard the old saying in that time stops for no man/woman. This actually is a truth that is so easily glossed over. Time does not stop (except in the biblical accounts of Joshua; Hezekiah was able to command time to reverse but not stop) and therefore technically the present only lasts one second which gives way to the next tick and thus moving us into the future. The point here is not to get stuck in the muck and mire of an analytical exercise; we are to recognize that time is precious. We all have given 24 hours in a day. What we do with those hours, minutes and seconds is determinative of where our lives goes. I want to encourage everyone to evaluate in their own lives the importance of time and how precious it is. My mental musing above was just one way to lubricate the cogs in the brain as the feet cross over the threshold of time….HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019


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