Drinking Bad Water


Drinking Bad Water-My most recent experience

You know I never ever gave it much thought. Growing up in a small town in Iowa the winters were cold and the summer were hot. In Iowa were had four very distinct and defined 4 seasons. If you have never experienced this glorious phenomenon you are truly missing out. The North winter winds would blow at a steady 12-13 mph. We lived on a small cul-de-sac on at the intersection of 12th and State Street. We were susceptible to the winds more than others because we lived at the crest of of the hill of the towns main thoroughfare. As a young entrepreneur I would grab a shovel and walk the neighborhood and knock on doors and shovel the giveaways of many of our neoghtbors. Mrs. Flanery was always faithful for $5.00 for 30 minute worth of work, and in 1972 that was a huge payday for an eleven year old. A drink of cold Iowa water was a complimentary gift she would always insist I drink before shen handed me my President Lincoln payday. The water refreshing and she knew better than I how saying hydrated was so important for a young boy all bundled up and sweating underneath. To this day I am thankful for her Grandma’ish wisdom.

The Beauty of Spring

Once the snow melted the Spring would greet us with a resurrection of plants and animals. The air was s fresh and green grass wonderfully complimented the blue skies and puffy white clouds. I would leave the house at 7:30 am and traverse the 2 miles of concrete and asphalt on my way to school.Upon entering the building hitting the silver water fountain was clockwork. I normally would be third  in line as  Becky and Mike would always seem to win the daily morning race. It became this silent little game we would play to see who would be there first. The cold and refreshing fluid was taken for granted as I would move my thumb off the fountain trigger, turn and head off to my classroom. Mrs. Blass was my favorite teacher and the 3rd grade was my favorite days of learning in the classroom and fun on the playground. We would have 3 recesses during those days and once the bell rand to return to class that same silver water fountain was the period we would place at the end of our recess sentence. The cold water was so refreshing and served as an excellent lubrication for a busy body.


Summers Were No Different

Summer certainly had its wonderful times of play and created memories that will last as long as I live. Growing up in the late 60’s and early 70’s was an idillic time to be alive. Iowa summers were hot, humid and full of sunshine. My summer vacations would be spent at the swimming pool down on First Street. Sherry Short was my summer love and man was she cute. Curly blonde shoulder length hair and a smile that would melt any 15 year old’s heart. She would come to GC over the summer and visit here grandparents. She was the cousin of my classmate and he would always keep me in the loop of when she would be back in town. On the third year she was scheduled to visit she did not arrive.I have to admit this was the first time my heart was broken. Is not it funny the milestone matters in life that seem to scar you. The small consolation is that once the pain goes away the scar is a reminder of the good and bad times as well.


My Most Recent Experience

Running a tad bit late for a recent class I ducked through the double glass doors as they were closing. Sensing a bit parched I made a straight line towards the water fountain to refresh my self and moisten my twist. Bending over and simultaneously pushing on the button the water arched into the basin. Once I put the water in my mouth I recoiled and shook my head. It was as if I just swallowed a mouthful of sand suspended in water. The minerals in the water were so prominent it was overwhelming. (Have you ever had a bad experience? If so drop me a note below and share it). It was at this moment I realized just how wonderful my ZeroWater water system was so coveted. Instantly the mental comparisons began to emerge in my imagination. My Zero Water is so smooth and free from such contaminants (total dissolved solids) I can never be without such quality of water. The DYLN water bottle is another water system that is simply fabulous. I must admit that water fountain in California was a dear cry from the one in my early Elementary school. Shoot, the water isn’t even cold. Good water is available to us from our kitchen faucets but does it tase good? I for one can never drink tap water again unless I absolutely have to.


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

One of Joharis’s window is called The Blind. It is a psychological assessment area into the human psyche. The Blind reveals that we don’t know what we don’t know. Ever have a friend point out an area in your life or behavior that took you totally by surprise? You quickly do a self-reflection to wrap your mind around what they are saying. This is a situation that I was unaware of when it came to tap water. Over the most recent years I was tasting different water qualities at different locations I would visit. It began to pique my interest as well as curiosity. I saw a TV commercial for Zero Water and was amazed at what it revealed. Once I saw them demonstrate the TDS test the lightbulbs went off. So I bought a 6 qt pitcher and began to see the difference. Today I use the water in everything that goes in my body (coffee, water, boil my rice in it etc…). I can never see myself being without this quality of water ever if I can help it. I invite you to watch the video below and see the test for TDS’s. Then I want you to click the Amazon link below and purchase your very own Zero Water System. You will be glad you did!


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