AWOL Academy-2018 Review

2018 Review of AWOL ACADEMY

Name: AWOL ACADEMY            Website:

Price: Pro Academy $99.00 / INBOX Academy $447.00 / Conversion Academy $1797.00 / Traffic Academy $2997.00 / Master Academy $5497.00 (TOTAL PACKAGE $10,837.00 + $135.95 monthly min [as of 10/2018])

Owners: Kameron & Keala

Overall Rank: 96 out of 100


Affiliate Marketing Platform, Product Overview

AWOL Academy is dedicated to helping you build a highly successful business whether you’re a total newbie starting from scratch… or a seasoned entrepreneur simply looking for more leverage and customers. Their business model covers 4 strategic areas: Build, Optimize, Scale, Automate. If, you have the time and the financial resources then AWOL may be the place for you. Admittedly AWOL is are focused on offering big ticket items to the few that can afford it. Many aspiring to break into this business on a budget night find these products and services out of reach initially.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: Successful track record. The founders are open and transparent about their beginnings. They openly share the trials and challenges in the beginning. Their own lives and stories are a testament to success. Viewing the videos from their Elite Summits held in Las Vegas also shows a level of success amongst their subscribers. YouTube videos of other members claiming to be AWOL success stories are available for discriminating viewing pleasure. Other that these, no other tangible evidence is provided to validate the veracity of their Academy success.

PRO #2: They have a B rating from the Better Business Bureau (see here).

PRO #3: An all inclusive program. A start to finish program that tiers you upwards (informationally & financially) providing “everything” needed to accomplish the companies stated aim…”committed to empowering the 21st Century Entrepreneur”.

The Bad:

CON #1: Pricing model is expensive. A minimal amount of $99.00 to purchase PRO Academy. While in this program you are introduced to the other ancillary websites and services needed for success. All in all, if you choose the monthly features on all the recommended products you will invest $135.95. This will be a recurring cost unless you upgraded to the individual site packages which will save you money after the large outlay. You choose to pay monthly and spend more or annually / 2 years and save money.

CON #2: To get the complete benefit of the Academy you are looking to invest $10,837. This is affordable to some but not everyone. Your initial (and only) coaching call gauges your level of commitment in the beginning. If, you don’t buy then you won’t hear him/her again (my experience).

CON #3: To learn the program will take time. A lot of information is provided and time consuming. Set aside a weekend if you want to get through PRO Academy.

AWOL Academy Tools & Training

Pro Academy, INBOX Academy, Conversion Academy, Traffic Academy, Master Academy

AWOL Academy Support

A telephone support line as well as an email address is provided. If a member you have a community Facebook page. You must apply and be accepted. After acceptance every post is first screened by a moderator and then allowed on the Timeline.

My Final Opinion of AWOL ACADEMY

AWOL ACADEMY has a lot going for them. Kelae and Kameron come across as genuine and transparent guys who are really motivated to help entrepreneurs. From my vantage point they are not a SCAM and are helping the right people do the right things. I just think their business model is not for the average American who is looking dive into affiliate marketing. I am a member and their pricing structure is not financially do-able for me. This is why I became a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. 

AWOL Academy at a Glance…

Name: AWOL Academy


Owners: Kameron & Keala

Overall Scam Rank: 0 out of 100


LEGIT:: 10/10


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