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Here at Romantic Affiliate we are all about falling in love….in love with Affiliate Marketing. Our site is designed to introduce, instruct and inspire you to reach your financial goals creating true freedom. Fall in love with freelance digital marketing.

Here to show you how to make money from home. We are dedicated to your success in reaching your dreams and achieving FREEDOM! True mentors are selfless in that they are dedicated and determined to see you succeed. It has been said, “never take advice from someone who hasn’t done what you are willing to do or hasn’t paid the price you are willing to pay.” Wealthy Affiliate is the brainchild and one stop shop for all things affiliate. Kyle and Carson are proven mentors that can be trusted. They have paid the price, made the mistakes and ultimately achieved a level of success we all dream to emulate. I have looked at other communities as well as joining a few. Wealthy Affiliates  by far exceeds them all. Click to see my review of Wealthy Affiliate. My story regarding my search for the absolute real deal affiliate marketing community has come to an end. Here at Wealthy Affiliate. I could not be happier. Believe me when I say I have searched high and low & Wealthy Affiliate has it all affordably under one roof. If you have been frustrated by hollow offers that have not meet with your expectations then you are in luck! Wealthy Affiliate has it all; The education, websites, hosting, domains, community and success stories. Honestly everything you are looking for is HERE!


Many of you who are attracted to affiliate marketing see its huge potential. The old saying, ‘the sky is the limit’ truly does apply here. With online commerce overtaking the traditional brick & mortar models, we as entrepreneurs have access to a world of customers and products right at our fingers. I have come across many men and women just like me. A budding entrepreneur looking for a mentor to assist me along the way.


I am here to help you achieve your financial dreams. When those dreams are achieved you will have found what is most vital to me, Rodney, and that is FREEDOM! I value my freedom above all else and I am confident you do too. This is why I have fallen in love with affiliate marketing and want you to fall in love as well. In today’s technological advantages we have everything at our fingertips. Starting and treating your business as a business will see the results we have only dreamed of up until now. Wealthy Affiliate is not “too good to be true” but they are good and true! If you ever need a hand or have any questions use the comment box below and let me know what you are thinking! I also invite your thoughts about the site after you take a brief tour so leave them below!

To Your Success!

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